Two MYFC Players of The Year - one voted by Parents / public and another by the Coaches

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Tom Amer (left and Samuel Perez Kolenkiewicz, MYFC Players of The YearTom Amer (left and Samuel Perez Kolenkiewicz, MYFC Players of The Year

Following a successful season the Player of The Year awards were announced on 13th July 2017.  Whereas in previous years there had only been one Player of The Year award, this year there were two - one for The Player of The Year as voted for by parents and public , and the other as voted by coaching staff of MYFC.


Samuel Perez Kolenkiewicz, Under 8 team player won the open parents and public vote as their Club Player of the Year, whilst Under 17 player Tom Amer was awarded the Coaches Club Player of The Year award.

This was the first time that there had been an 'open' vote where all parents and members of the public involved with MYFC had the opportunity to vote for their player of choice.  The response level was far greater than anticipated with nearly 200 votes cast in the end.

In nominating Samuel, Under 8 Team Manager Ben Danielsen said;  "Going into the 2016/7 season, the Under 8 team received the Don Rogers Sportsmanship Trophy based on the great level of sportsmanship and fair play shown in the previous season.  This season, Samuel embodied this attitude of sportsmanship and has shown that this tradition continues in the team!  Great attendance and he puts in 100% in practice and match.  A very fair playing boy who has on occasions pointed out to the ref that he (the ref) has awarded us (MYFC) something wrongly and the decision should have gone the other way.  He is quick to apologize to the opposition when a tackle have been unfair or too hard. Samuel is a joy to work with and an example for his team mates!”

The Coaches Club Player of The Year, Tom Amer was nominated by Under 17s manager John Evans. “Great member of the U17 squad, great defender, fast, strong, always first to put his body on the line.”  he stated.  “Great attitude, never, ever complains about anything, ever present at training.  Highly respected by all teammates. Now also a MYFC coach working with Alex Reynolds on Saturday mornings”  he added.

Nominees for MYFC Player of the Year 2016/17 across both sections were;
U18 – Tom Amer
U13 – Ziya Cook
U14 – Alfie Dawson
U8 - Samuel Perez Kolenkiewicz
U13 – Wilf Barker
U18 – Josh Evans
U12 – Edward Stapleton
Angels – Kira Jackson

Well over 200 players have played for the 15 teams participating in league football, including the first ever MYFC girls team playing league football - Angels U12.  Many MYFC players have participated in elevated football development through clubs and county and at the same time many MYFC teams have represented the club well and with great success in leagues and tournaments.  “Well done to all our players, it has been a joy to see the development and the joy displayed throughout the season” said MYFC chairman Stuart Slater.  “We look forward to celebrate even more achievements on and off the pitch in the coming season, but at the moment we cheer Samuel and Tom as MYFC Player of the Year 2016/17" he added.

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