Parking.... One thing that we all have an opinion about, now time to have your say

Written by Sue Round on .

 Marlborough Town Council have taken the plunge and are inviting residents, visitors, and anyone who has an opinion regarding parking in the town to air their views by means of an online survey.


Mayor Mervyn Hall Chairman of the Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan told,  “the two big topics that came out of the consultation for the Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan were affordable housing, especially for young people and parking.”


“Most people would say there is a problem with parking in the town.  However, we wanted to gather hard independent evidence and so we employed a company to review parking in and around Marlborough.”


“Consultants visited Marlborough on four different days in June, two were market days, two were not.  They checked every parking space in Marlborough hourly and this included streets near the town centre such as George Lane.”


“We now have a good picture of the parking pattern in the town.  It clearly shows that there is heavy congestion from 10 am to 2-3 pm and vacant slots are low during this period.  This causes traffic congestion as people drive around looking for parking spaces.”


You can have your say about parking in Marlborough and possible solutions by clicking here to fill in a survey before the end of August.


The findings of the survey will form part of a report which will be collated and published in early September.