Why are stuck HGVs like buses?

Written by Tony Millett on .


Because you wait a couple of weeks for one, then two come along on the same day.

After the saga of the HGV that blocked Elcot Lane for twenty-four hours, comes another example of HGVs not coping with the town's roads or, perhaps, the town's roads not coping with some of the larger HGVs...but certainly HGVs inconveniencing local residents.

On Thursday (August 10) an articulated lorry was attempting to turn into Stonebridge Close and could not get in because of a car parked too close to the junction.

The car was eventually towed away. But the lorry had apparently been blocking the junction for about two hours.

The police at the scene made the point that no one should park within 30 feet of a junction.

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Photo courtesy Chris Caswell - with our thanks.