Secret Adventures of Rolo - Book 4: Debi Evans launches 'Jewel Dog and the Dragons' at St Peter's

Written by Sue Round on .

Debi Evans with RoloDebi Evans with Rolo


 When Debi Evans, who lives in Marlborough, rescued a Jack Russell dog from the Dog’s Trust five years ago little did she think that he would become her inspiration for a series of children’s books.


Named Rolo because of his toffee, chocolate coloured face, Debi’s dog tells of his time travelling adventures in The Secret Adventures of Rolo.


At a book signing for the fourth book in the series entitled Jewel Dog and the Dragons, Debi told :  “When I rescued Rolo he took a while to settle and he didn’t like spending the night in the kitchen.  Then he suddenly settled and I realised he had a secret – there was a trap door under the kitchen sink that takes him out at night.”

“He discovered a tree dragon in the Savernake Forest who tells him he is the chosen one and he can use the time tunnel.  He is then able to make things happen in history.”

'Jewel Dog and the Dragons' alongside book 3 in the series, 'The Dragon's Pram''Jewel Dog and the Dragons' alongside book 3 in the series, 'The Dragon's Pram'Debi, who also runs creative writing workshops for primary age children, loves history.  “I am slightly concerned that the National Curriculum doesn’t give primary aged children the opportunity to study the exciting bits of history, hence Rolo.”

In her books Rolo is able to make things happen in history.  Apparently Rolo was present at the signing of the Magna Carta and ran off with the quill leaving King John to use the seal from his ring instead !

In the latest book we find out about King Alfred of Wessex and what really happened to the burnt cakes.  There are also exciting mythical creatures held captive in Silbury Hill.  “But I don’t want to give too much away,” added Debi.

Many of the ideas in the books come from the children she meets at her creative writing workshops.

The books are written from the point of view of Rolo and aimed at 7 to 12 year olds.  “There is”, says Debi, “plenty of humour, and through my talks to WI groups adults are also enjoying the books.”

Rolo has his own Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Fans can sign up for a newsletter from Rolo which often contains an original short story.

“He is a wonderful dog and very happy.  I wonder why he sleeps all day and yawns. He has obviously been up all night on an adventure.  There will definitely be a Book 5.”

Debi Evans can be contacted through her website