You can influence the new plan for the Avebury World Heritage Site

Written by Tony Millett on .

The first round of consultations is beginning towards renewing the management plan for the Avebury World Heritage Site.  And you can have your say.

World Heritage Site management plans provide a framework for meeting the United Kingdom’s obligation to protect its World Heritage Sites.  They carry weight in the planning system and aim to establish an appropriate balance between conservation, access and interpretation, local community interests, and sustainable use of the World Heritage Site. 

The last update of the Avebury Plan was in 2005.  UNESCO recommends that management plans are updated regularly to ensure they remain relevant. The renewed plan will need to reflect progress on the objectives set in the 2005 plan and new opportunities and challenges.

The Avebury World Heritage Site Officer, Sarah Simmonds, will be available to answer questions and collect your ideas in the Social Centre on Avebury High Street on Tuesday, August 7 between 2pm and 7pm and in Marlborough Library on Monday, August 13 between 2pm and 7 pm.  This is an opportunity to share ideas at an early stage in the process of review before the preparation of the draft plan.  The formal round of consultation on the new draft management plan will take place in 2013 before it is submitted to the government and to UNESCO. 15 

Sarah Simmonds explains: “It is important that the process of review and update involves extensive engagement with World Heritage Site stakeholders including the wider public and the local community whose expertise and knowledge should help shape the new management plan.”

Those unable to go to the drop in sessions in August, can find a leaflet and form to fill in on the Wiltshire Council website.  Hard copies of the leaflet are available from the World Heritage Site Officer.  All comments should be received by Friday, September 15.  There will also be opportunities to take part in the formal public consultation process on the draft management plan during 2013.

For leaflets or further information on this important review, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01225 718470.  The 2005 Management Plan can be read online