French restaurant to go Italian in new year

Written by Pete Davison.

Marlborough's Brasserie Gerard will become a Prezzo Italian restaurant in the new year, after the French-themed restaurant's parent company went into administration.

Prezzo, which has 140 restaurants throughout the UK, announced this week that it had acquired three leasehold properties, together with their business and assets, from Caffe Uno Brasseries Ltd.

Confirming the takeover, Prezzo chief executive Jonathan Kaye said: “The restaurants currently operate under the Brasserie Gerard brand and will continue to do so immediately after completion.

“Over the course of 2012 each of the sites will then be closed and refurbished before reopening under one of Prezzo's existing trading formats.”

Six companies in the Chez Gerard group – including Caffe Uno Brasseries – went into administration in late November.

Raymond Blanc's Brasserie Bar Co immediately announced it had bought eight London-based Chez Gerard restaurants, leading to speculation that the top chef might move into Marlborough.

The Marlborough restaurant rebranded from an Italian-style Caffe Uno to the French-themed Brasserie Gerard in February 2010.