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  Claire Perry MP is the Conservative Member of Parliament for the Devizes Constituency since 2010, succeeding Michael Ancram.   Short recess, a welcome break
   David Julius It’s redd season in the Kennet. That means that wild brown trout are creating nests and laying their eggs
  Charlotte Hitchmough, Director of Action for the River Kennet or ARK It's the spring cleaning season - but a clean home need not mean a dirty river
  Rev Canon Andrew Studdert-Kennedy, Rector of Marlborough’s Anglican Team Sixty Years On: Counting our Blessings
  Jo Carroll Backing down - a global issue
Angus Maclennan, Manager of Marlborough's White Horse bookshop Some thoughts upon a festival
Bee Roycroft   Post marathon blues: back from Berlin...and bread is back on the Bedwyn's shelves
  George Hosier, Fourth generation farmer from Wexcombe Harvest 2016 review.......
  Nick Maurice, Retired Director of Marlborough Brandt Group and former Family Doctor in the town It’s about time we reconsidered our attitude to drug use
  David Chandler, Last Mayor of the Borough  of Marlborough In Praise of Town and Parish Councillors
  Robin Nelson lives in Avebury. He is a former Head of Music at Marlborough College,  currently Musical Director of the Swindon Choral Society, a composer and renowned as an ornithologist  Memoirs of a Music Man - Part 6: Frankie Howerd - the famous singer's fan
  Wordsmith  Affordable homes - affordable to whom?