Long Term Strategy

Written by Nick Maurice.


And so here we are again in the midst of an election with each party attempting to outdo the other in terms of dreamt up knee jerk policies in order to do their utmost to be voted in at the next election and with a level of debate that is so low and adversarial that anyone with any sense who wishes to take an informed view of which way to vote is denied that opportunity.


No political party takes a long term strategic view of how we should deal with some of the major problems facing the country whether they be the NHS, public transport, education or manufacturing and trade, or indeed facing the world whether climate change, international relations, conflicts, international development, the arms trade  or the response to terrorism.


The problems we face are far too serious for us to continue this adversarial approach.  We must develop a more consensual approach.


Could I suggest that following the election, those parties that fail to win and find themselves in opposition should form a coalition which will agree to go through a three year process of serious and in depth consultation with key people working in the services in this country such as those mentioned above and also with international organisations including United Nations, Commonwealth, European Union or the major development agencies whether Oxfam, Save the Children or Islamic Relief.


After three years i.e. by June 2020, the coalition in opposition will publish a document outlining the process of consultation that they have been through and who in particular has been consulted.  They will include in that document the key findings that have come out of that consultation.


In 2021 and prior to the next general election, based on that consultation, and with the approval of those that have been consulted, the coalition will publish a wide- ranging, ten year strategy for UK national development and global policy.


Did I hear someone say “Dream on Nick?” 

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