Thursday night blues...?

Written by Wordsmith on .


So what on earth was the state of the country's political health (or sickness) as the nation sleep walked towards the EXIT POLL?


The broadcasters are legally required not to report politics, political opinion or views while the polling stations are open. Unlike the press which can continue to swamp us in bile and lies.


Were you watching television somewhat mindlessly as you waited for the EXIT POLL to burst upon a nation exhausted by a campaign-full of politicians' repetition, deviation and quite a lot of hesitation?


How did the broadcasters fill the politics-free-vacuum hours before 10pm?


Boy - didn't the mainstream broadcasters rise the occasion?


Channel 5 balanced the Daily Mail themed On Benefits: Britain's Benefits Blackspots with their next programme Nightmare Tenants: Slum Landlords - which appeared to be internally balanced between Mail bile and Guardian tears.


ITV 1 ran Joanna Lumley's nostalgic Postcards - a sort of Empire-lite reprise of how they made Britain great - again and again.  And followed it with the amazingly prophetic Car Crash Britain: Caught on Camera - which nicely pre-empted the EXIT POLL and the long night's election coverage.


We will pass over C4's attempt to bring Paxman back to life with the help of some comedians.


And so we reach BBC 1's DIY SOS: The Big Build. Nick Knowles cajoled and conducted a cast of hundreds (mainly volunteers) to build - in nine days - a specially designed home for the gay couple Gary (head teacher) and Kyle (social carer) and their four very, very vulnerable adopted children. Spell-binding - eye-opening - gasp-inducing. Even uplifting in a teary sort of way.


It was a great pity that while this programme was being broadcast the nation's politicians were queuing to get into town halls and sports centres up and down the land to watch their votes counted and so could not see this programme.


This programme showed what you can do if you try hard enough for those who are disabled, who are young and need constant help, and who are being looked after by devoted carers.  This is what austerity does NOT do for such people with really complex needs.  This is what too many politicians shuffle away from, averting their eyes, and hoping it will all go away and stop bothering them.