Twelfth Night revels to help bring 'Snakes' to Wiltshire in 2019

Written by Tony Millett on .

WILTS MUSEUM Potterne Mummers MNOWILTS MUSEUM Potterne Mummers MNOThe Wiltshire Museum in Devizes is holding its Twelfth Night Revels at the Museum on Friday, January 5, as a fundraiser to help bring the exhibition Snakes - a slither into a secretive life into the Museum's brand new Oexmann Gallery for 2019.

The Twelfth Night Revels will include live music, mumming and mis-rule - a tempting raffle and other entertainments plus light refreshments.

Weather permitting, they will be taking the party outside for a traditional wassail in the museum garden - in the company of the fabulously attired Potterne Mummers.

There are snakes in there - somewhere!  Harmless ones...There are snakes in there - somewhere! Harmless ones...The unique, varied and very family-friendly exhibition Snakes – a slither into a secretive life delves into the fascinating world of snakes, bringing to light their beauty, mystery and amazing natural history.

Using taxidermy, skeletal mounts, award winning photography and hands-on activities, Snakes demonstrates the distinctive features and behaviours of these extraordinary creatures. It explores reproduction and growth, snakes as both prey and predator, and how they use their amazing senses.

Families, grandparents, pre-schools and schools will enjoy time spent finding out about our slithery friends and their habitats.

In 2019 it will be open during both school term and a holiday and is fully supported by fun trails and activities for children.

You can support this unique exhibition here - and find out more about it.  So far it is just 20 per cent funded. 


To join the Twelfth Night Revels you need to book - which you can do here - where you also find more information.