Snow drifts: the value of hedges beside roads

Written by Tony Millett on .

The road from the A345 to Wootton Rivers is one of the many roads in the area to be blocked on Friday morning (March 2) by drifting snow. 

However this road at Clench Common is only blocked by drifts in one stretch - where there is no hedge beside the road on its windward side to hold the snow. 


And the strong winds this high on the downs are continually blowing the powdery snow off the open fields and onto the road.

A farm tractor with a snow blower has cleared a way through the drifts - but the snow is still being blown across the road and may soon block it again.

The same blockage happened last time there was a considerable snowfall - although the drifts were not quite as deep.

Perhaps Mr Gove's post-Brexit settlement for farm subsidies should penalise farmers who do not maintain hedges between their fields and the public highway. 


In the meantime the onus for action in this instance falls on the Ramsbury Estate.