Rock fans prepare for a summer of music in Marlborough and Pewsey

Written by Peter Davison.

AugustinesAugustinesRock fans are being blessed with an eclectic array of music events this summer – and they don’t have to travel miles (or sleep in a tent) to enjoy it.

This Friday (June 10) American indie rock trio Augustines will be playing a live gig at Thirty8 (formerly Azuza) in support of the launch of their new album This Is Your Life, which is released the very same day.

The record will be available to buy at neighbouring Sound Knowledge, and band members will be signing copies and meeting fans after the free gig, which starts at 6.30pm.

Mantonfest (Saturday, June 25) boasts headliners Animals and Friends and Dr Feelgood on its classic rock line-up, with Mantonfest favourites The Ukey D’Ukes, Straight Six, Empty Gestures, Skedaddle, Onyx, The Banned, and Barrelhouse in support, alongside newcomers Smiley’s People, The Harry Miller Band and The Clive Collective.

Tickets cost £15 for adults and £5 for children, from

The CorrespondentsThe CorrespondentsCharity fundraiser Avebury Rocks will be celebrating its return to its spiritual home, inside the famous ancient monument, on Saturday, July 9 with music from George Wilding, Jack Moore, Ulysses, The Ukey D'Ukes, Nick Harper, and electro swing duo The Correspondents, recommended as a must-see Glastonbury act by The Telegraph two years in a row.

Tickets are £15 for adults and £8 for children, and are available from

And on Saturday, August 6 self-styled Rock & Roll's Greatest Failure, John Otway, headlines Pewsey Music Festival.

Anyone who enjoyed Animals and Friends performing House of the Rising Sun at Mantonfest will either love or hate Otway’s call and response version, depending on how much reverence they hold the original in.

Otway encourages the audience to prompt each line of the rock classic: “There is..” “WHAT?” “a house…” “WHERE” “in New Orleans” “WHAT’S IT CALLED?” If that makes no sense, head over to YouTube for a video:

Otway will be performing alongside Tankus The Henge, The Doors of Perception, Sonic Meds, The Apes of Rock, Pewsey Male Voice Choir, and K V Brass at the Cooper’s Arms.

Tickets cost £7.50 if purchased by the end of June, and £10 thereafter. Tickets on the gate are £15. Bookings and details are at