Hundreds turn out in blazing sunshine for the Pewsey Festival

Written by Tony Millett.

The early afternoon crowdThe early afternoon crowdIt was a bit like a giant picnic festival - hundreds of people chatting, eating, drinking and listening to a good variety of music - under a wonderfully blue sky.

In Pewsey Festival's Magic Roundabout Tent, that was the green and white one, John E Wright sang "It's good to see the sun again..." and nobody would have argued with that.  Not even those who left the sun cream at home and sought the shade. 

For the rest of the crowd, the odd hand-sized cloud caused some consternation.

Cooper's Field sported all manner of food and drinks and fun.  The man turning long balloons into shapes either cuddly or fit for some safe duelling, was doing sterling work.  

We probably have the BBC and their Musketeers to thank for all the young ones chasing each other with Certificate U swords - made out of his very long balloons. Great fun.  In the end most people had a balloon of some shape and form.

Over in the far corner of the field there was a giant bouncy castle raising many   squeals as a little fear at the very top of the stairs turned to exhilaration and delight.

It was thirsty work for the Apes of Rock on the main stage with a playlist that included a number of tributes - and some very distinctive guitar.

Apes of Rock in action... Apes of Rock in action... ...their mascot......their mascot... ...thirsty work...thirsty work

In the green and white tent Simon Hall sang a series well-loved songs.  But his quiet version of Bill Bragg's A New England seemed to get the audience smiling with its theme of a young man who doesn't want to change the world, but is just looking for another girl.  In 1985 that song shot Bragg into the music headlines - perhaps there's a parallel somewhere between 1985 and 2016.

Balloon man with a new swordBalloon man with a new sword A balloon puppy?A balloon puppy? Simon Hall & fanSimon Hall & fan John E WrightJohn E Wright

You could chat to the stilts man...You could chat to the stilts man......or you could just listen & finish the crossword...or you could just listen & finish the crosswordThen suddenly there was a very, very tall man talking down to picnickers and children alike.  A man with an alarming beer belly and bigger-than-Elvis sideburns.

A man wearing eight or nine league boots - and obviously having fun and creating laughter as much from the fairly old as from the very young.  Nothing stilted about him.

Musical treats coming later than your reporter could stay included The Doors of Perception, Sonic Meds, John Otway, Blurred Vision - ending at midnight with a set from Tankus the Henge.  After the amazing sunset, for late stayers there were some overnight tents and camper vans in the car park.

If you could not make it this year, remember to check out the date of next year's Festival.