What was going on in Aldbourne last month? It's Azal & Bok's return to Devil’s End

Written by Joanne Hutchings on .

Bok on the village green (Photo Joanne Hutchings) Bok on the village green (Photo Joanne Hutchings) One Sunday at the end of November (you are not allowed to know which Sunday) an intergalactic peril once again threatened the sleepy village of Aldbourne.


However, all was not lost and the planet was saved (again!) by the presence of U.N.I.T and the White Witch of Devil’s End in the shape of Olive Hawthorne.

Johnny Who & Damaris Johnny Who & Damaris Master & Azal (Photo Joanne Hutchings) Master & Azal (Photo Joanne Hutchings) Over forty years ago, BBC TV's Dr Who came to Aldbourne and defeated the Master on the village green. The cast and crew visited again in 1992 for the documentary Return to Devil’s End.

During the summer this year, Reeltime Pictures Limited worked with Aldbourne residents to film the finishing sequences for The White Witch of Devil’s End featuring actor Damaris Hayman - telling the story of Olive Hawthorne’s life, and her guardianship of the village against supernatural foes.

The result is the long awaited triple DVD set Daemons of Devil’s End with Olive Hawthorne’s own story, the documentary from 1992 and material gathered at conventions held in Aldbourne.

Also featured is the haunting theme Strange Beauty by Linzi Gold from her debut album Heroines of Future Past released in 2016.

Damaris, now 88, was kind enough to endure some chilly weather to meet the brave men and women of U.N.I.T, and spoke kindly to her defeated adversary, the Master - all represented on this occasion by Johnny Who Entertainments.

Then, leaving the world of Dr Who, it was back into the warm at The Crown to meet and thank locals who had helped with the filming during the summer.


Photographs below by Ian Fraser - courtesy Reeltime Pictures ltmited.  [Click on images to enlarge them]

Alastair Greener as Victor Alastair Greener as Victor   Filming at Aldbourne Filming at Aldbourne   Amanda Dore as Malissa Fenn - and small friend or fiend?Amanda Dore as Malissa Fenn - and small friend or fiend?