It's not every day that a work of art drives into Marlborough High Street

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Sir Peter Blake's bus...and another bus  [Photo: Chris Caswell]Sir Peter Blake's bus...and another bus [Photo: Chris Caswell]The double-decker bus bedecked by Sir Peter Blake with his very personal choice of iconic pop art images, visited Marlborough High Street on Saturday (May 26). 


 It is both a work of art in its own right and a mobile art gallery.   It is kept by CCA Galleries and visits festivals and schools - it has even been part of the Lord Mayor of London's annual parade.  


Sir Peter designed the bus with the aim of creating a "rock 'n' roll tour bus" for art and artists.   Its visit to Marlborough was to highlight the Peter Blake exhibition at the Young Jamieson Fine Art gallery in the Hugh Street - which remains open until June 10. 


The Young Jamieson Fine Art Gallery - with 'MM Gold'The Young Jamieson Fine Art Gallery - with 'MM Gold'

The gallery exhibition includes some of Sir Peter Blake's best known works.  Among them is his MM Gold.  This is an inkjet and silkscreen version of an iconic Marilyn Monroe image finished with diamond dust - as you might expect. 

Over the years, the eye-catching design of the bus has proved fascinating to children of all ages.  Sir Peter's exuberant design includes motifs that are enduringly familiar. 

The use of these colourful and familiar images can show children that ‘Art' does not have to be elitist or academic, but can be open to all, fun and practical.   The bus primarily targets schools that specialise in learning difficulties as well as those in underprivileged inner city areas.


The bus's gallery spaceThe bus's gallery space  All aboard...All aboard...  

The Art Bus can give children an introduction to the visual arts and more specifically printmaking. The bus drives to school and the children climb aboard to experience the art of some of the UK's finest contemporary artists - seeing their work in the bus' gallery space. 

They will also have an opportunity of a question and answer session with one of the artists live from their studio via the bus' satellite links. The children will learn about printmaking and have the chance to design their own model Art Bus.

The full eyeful at the bus stop...   [Click on images to enlarge them]The full eyeful at the bus stop... [Click on images to enlarge them]

All Photos by Chris Caswell for - with thanks.  There is more about Sir Peter Blake and the exhibition here.