Queens and Minions entertain the crowds at Pewsey Carnival

Written by Peter Davison on .


A pair of Foxy HuntersA pair of Foxy HuntersA queen on the throne, The Queen on 'the throne', Father Christmas, and a milk float with a difference were all part of Wiltshire’s oldest and most vibrant illuminated carnival last night (Saturday).

117 years has not dulled the spirit of Pewsey residents who, if they weren’t in fancy dress in the procession, had turned out in traditionally-large numbers to cheer on the participants.

As always, the Carnival Queen and her attendants led the procession, but were followed not long afterwards by Her Majesty herself, or at least someone posing as her – a walking entrant sitting in a toilet, the legend Still On The Throne alluding to Elizabeth II’s record-breaking reign.

There were more topical floats – one in the form of the milk float with a life-sized cow implored local people to pay a fair price for their milk.

There was an early showing for Father Christmas and his elves, courtesy of the Party Animals, and as always a good smattering of popular culture references – the recently-resurrected TV classic Thunderbirds, Disney’s enduring Frozen, and the unescapable Minions.

And from the baby the the pouch of a kangaroo as part of the Cotton Eye Joey float, to the Pewsey Old Broilers – who used their Dun Clucking float to announce their retirement from Carnival – the event managed to appeal to every generation.

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An Elf from the Party Animals Christmas floatAn Elf from the Party Animals Christmas floatCarnival Queen Daisy-Mae Phythian and attendant Chelsea WeirCarnival Queen Daisy-Mae Phythian and attendant Chelsea WeirKennet Valley Brass Bavarian Band Kennet Valley Brass Bavarian Band Make Love Not WarMake Love Not WarMinions 2015Minions 2015Pewsey Hasbeens Thunderbirds Are GoPewsey Hasbeens Thunderbirds Are GoPewsey Legions Two Tribes floatPewsey Legions Two Tribes floatPewsey Old BroilersPewsey Old BroilersPVADS Madness-themed floatPVADS Madness-themed floatStill on the ThroneStill on the ThroneThe Major WrecksThe Major WrecksThe milk float campaigns for fair milk prices for farmersThe milk float campaigns for fair milk prices for farmersThe youngest participant  Cotton Eye JoeyThe youngest participant Cotton Eye Joey