Climate activists take campaign to London

Written by Peter Davison.

Jo Ripley joins activists at the climate lobbyJo Ripley joins activists at the climate lobbyHundreds of green flags signed by local people concerned about climate change have been taken to Westminster as part of the annual UK Climate Lobby.

Around a dozen campaigners from the Devizes constituency attended the event, which was attended by a spectrum of organisations including environmental lobbyists, faith groups and the Women’s Institute.

There was disappointment that Claire Perry MP was not there to meet the group on Lambeth Bridge – especially as she had pulled our of the Pewsey Environment Hustings before the General Election – but the Bishop of Salisbury was able to meet the group and expressed concern about the need to change people’s priorities away from consumption and towards conservation.

The local activists were among the estimated 10,000 campaigners who marched on to Lambeth Bridge on Wednesday, June 18 to lobby around 300 constituency MPs of all colours in an initiative called For The Love Of.

Amber Rudd, the UK government minister responsible for climate change, said: “Politicians can’t deliver on the ambition [to tackle climate change] without the public saying ‘We need you to do this’. So I really welcomed the campaigning today... It engaged more politicians on this really important issue.”