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You've tasted a Margarita cocktail, now try Poppy's Waitrose award-winning fruit smoothie

Waitrose store manager Ian Smith with Poppy Childs and children from Preshute SchoolWaitrose store manager Ian Smith with Poppy Childs and children from Preshute SchoolDallas socialite Margarita Sames, Tsar Alexander II, and steamship mogul Walter Gibson are all people who've lent their names to a cocktail they created*

And today, Marlborough schoolgirl Poppy Child added her name to the list, with her award-winning fruit smoothie – totally alcohol-free, of course. 

Poppy (9) formed an acrostic, using healthy ingredients to spell out her name. Poppy's Smoothie contains passion fruit, orange, pomegranate, pineapple, yoghurt and strawberries.

Marlborough News Online had the chance to try the drink today, when children from Poppy's school visited Waitrose to learn about healthy eating; and we can confirm it is worthy of a plaudit.

Twenty seven children from Preshute School visited the supermarket to learn about the traffic light food labelling system – green is good, red is bad – and to find out where their food comes from prior to hitting the shelves.

They toured the shop floor and warehouse, played healthy eating games, and tucked into healthy snacks and drinks: milk made from oats and rice, and plenty of fresh fruit and veg.

The children were invited on their behind-the-scenes tour by Waitrose partners Janice Kingstone, Claire Kington, Bev Corfield and Sarah Tunmore, who were taking part in Volunteering Day.

Poppy Childs with her award-winning recipePoppy Childs with her award-winning recipeThis year, the employee-owned retailer has supported 500 hours of staff volunteering with schools and charities at the Marlborough branch alone.

The store's new branch manager, Ian Smith, was on hand to toast Poppy's success – with a glass of Poppy's Smoothie.

Make your own Poppy's Smoothie:

Passion fruit (juice of half)
Orange (half, peeled)
Pomegranate (juice of half)
Pineapple (peeled quarter)
Yoghurt (three tablespoons)
Strawberries (six large, chopped)

Blitz fruit in a blender
Strain through a sieve
Add yoghurt and whisk
Pour into glass
Decorate and enjoy

* The Margarita contains tequila and Cointreau; The Gibson is a martini with a cocktail onion replacing the olive; The Brandy Alexander is a mix of brandy and crème de cacao. None of them are suitable for children. 

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  • Marlborough-2013-04-18 St Peters
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