Famous musicians peer from its windows as Marlborough's Piano Lounge prepares for 2016

Written by Jim Fletcher.

You’ll have seen the windows as you walk down The Parade.  Elvis, Jimi, the Rat Pack are among famous artists featured - looking out of its upper floor windows - and on the walls inside The Piano Lounge.

Progress, towards Marlborough’s first venture into the world of good wines and beers, food and music, is steady, but not (yet) spectacular. As we were informed previously, the final stages will be completed by mid-February and, although it will be necessary to close during January, everything is on schedule.

The lounge and bar is already a success with Friday & Saturday nights the busiest. Presently the food is restricted to a Tapas menu although the chef Andre is already full-time. The Function Room is nearly complete and has its first booking during December.

At 6.00pm on a Friday evening the bar was filling up as a friend and I sat with a couple of glasses of Merlot. Live music on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the plan. Local musicians have contacted the management team and will be featured Sophie at the piano was the first guest performer Sunday (December 6.)

Good wishes from MP Claire Perry and via the Facebook page are encouraging. Maybe starting again after four weeks of success followed by a month’s closure will be difficult, but the aim to be one of the primary venues on Marlborough’s “Music Street”, The Parade, is still on the agenda.

We will have more news in early February as the official opening day approaches.

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