Local ingredients given a Mediterranean twist

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Androulla at Marlborough Communities MarketAndroulla at Marlborough Communities MarketFor her fourth and final (for now!) recipe for Marlborough News Online, and to celebrate Marlborough Communties Market becoming a twice-monthly event, we set cookery coach Androulla Derbyshire of Culinary Capers a challenge – to create a main dish using only ingredients found at the market. 

Androulla's first stop was at the Hinton Marsh Farm stall, where she bought loin of locally-reared lamb from stall holder Emily Smith.

Next she headed to Olives 'n' Stuff, where owner Chris Lugg provided her with some tasty sun-dried tomatoes and kalamata olives.

Finally she paid a visit to the stall of Lyneham-based Preston West Farm's, where she bought a container of British Cheese Awards gold medal-winning goats cheese, which had been packed at 6am that day from farmer Erica Barton.

Find out what she came up with below. The next Marlborough Communities Market will be held from 10am to 4pm this Sunday (March 3) and will be held on the first and third Sunday of the month until the end of September.

With Emily Smith of Hinton Marsh FarmWith Emily Smith of Hinton Marsh FarmLoin of Chalk Downland Lamb stuffed with Goats Cheese, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Olives.


1kg/2.2lbs of Chalk Downland Lamb Loin

For the stuffing

150g/ 6oz Preston West Farm goats cheese

50g/ 2oz sun-dried tomatoes – chopped
50g/2oz kalamata olives –chopped
2 teaspoons of fresh thyme leaves
salt and pepper
2 tablespoons of olive oil
juice of 1 lemon
6 cloves of garlic – unpeeled
1 wine glass of white wine
Preheated oven- Gas 6/ 200ᵒC

Providing that Mediterranean twist: Chris Lugg of Olives'n'StuffProviding that Mediterranean twist: Chris Lugg of Olives'n'StuffMethod

Mix all the stuffing ingredients together in a bowl.

Open out the loin of lamb to give you a squarish piece of meat. The loin may already have been rolled and tied in which case cut the strings to open the loin out.

Spread the stuffing evenly across the lamb loin and then roll it back up and tie it with string to give you a rolled up joint.

Place the loin of lamb in a roasting tin.

Pour over 2 tablespoons of olive oil and the lemon juice. Add the unpeeled garlic cloves to the pan. Don’t worry about peeling them as these are just to add flavour to your meat.

Place your meat in the oven at the preheated temperature for 30 minutes. After this time turn down the heat to Gas mark 4/ 180ᵒC . Remove the lamb from the oven and pour over a wine glass of white wine. Place back in the oven to roast for another 30 minutes. The wine, lemon and garlic will create a lovely gravy while the meat cooks. Cook for 20 more minutes by which time the lamb will be cooked through.

Serve with some roasted potatoes and steamed green beans dressed with a little olive oil and lemon while still warm.

Chalk Downland Lamb stuffed with Goats Cheese, Sun-dried Tomatoes and OlivesChalk Downland Lamb stuffed with Goats Cheese, Sun-dried Tomatoes and OlivesMarlborough-based Culinary Capers offers one-to-one coaching to people who'd like to learn to cook, or want to improve their skills. Unlike traditional cookery schools, Androulla visits the homes of clients to teach them cooking skills with their own equipment and based around their own dietary requirements and tastes. 

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