Mayoral praise for Marlborough News Online as we hit six months’ anniversary

Written by Pete Davison.

Marlborough News Online welcomed its 150th Twitter follower on Friday, in the week that it celebrated its first six months of publication.

It was a landmark for the the site, which saw 1,126 visitors read 5,385 articles. Meanwhile our web stats revealed that while most visitors, predictably, came to our site from the UK, we enjoy quite a following abroad, including 22 visits from America (howdy!), eight from Australia (g'day!), three from France (bonjour!), and two each from Slovakia (ahoj!), Germany (guten abend!), Poland (czesc!), Canada (chimo!), and the United Arab Emirates (مرحبا).

Are you one of our international readers? Are you an expat who misses home, or a resident travelling for business or pleasure. We'd love to know - please get in touch! 

Marlborough’s mayor, Councillor Alexander Kirk Wilson, was full of praise for our endeavours....

“Congratulations to Marlborough News on Line for
establishingitself so quickly as an indispensable
part of the townscape,”

“To have published well over 500 articles, and had
so many hits on the site within six months of
starting up, speaks volumes both for the professionalism
of the way you run it, and also for the need for
up-to-the-minute information on issues
concerning the town.  

“Congratulations to you all, and thank you.”