Startling images in the art and photography exhibition at St John’s

Written by Tony Millett.

At the annual art exhibition of work by senior students at St John’s School on Monday evening (June 27), visitors saw again that the school’s magnificent atrium is a great space for such exhibitions. They also saw some really enterprising and exciting work.

On show were the work of students taking fine art and/or photography for their AS level exams (year 12), A2 exams (year 13) and the International Baccalaureate – altogether about seventy students.

There was a display of portfolios, life drawings and work in all manner of media – mixed and unmixed.  One student had combined embroidery and portrait photographs to produce an interesting new reflection on body decoration.

Based on a very unscientific poll – in fact based on many over-heard comments from parents, students and other visitors to the exhibition – Lucy Keen’s painting of a dancer (seen left) proved by far the most popular and eye-catching piece.  She depicted the dancer in the school’s dance studio, but saw her reflected in the very large lenses of a pair of dark glasses

.Below is a random selection of works that caught the eye:
Emily Freeley’s take on the Statue of Liberty seen as a sort of brass rubbing.
Ellie Mills’ 3-D boxed paper cutting image of those birds escaping from that pie.
Hannah Partis’ startling and intriguing take on the royal wedding – the expression on the face of the smallest child is wonderful.
And another chance to see Lucy Keen’s dancer.