Readers' Letters

In reply to Peter Morgan..... 12 May 2017 Susanne Harris
A Councillor's thanks 08 May 2017 Tony Millett
Marlborough Town Council - time is up? 03 May 2017 Peter Morgan
Councillor Cook replies..... 23 March 2017 Councillor Justin Cook
Sorry to read Justin Cook has decided to resign from the Town Council. We need more young blood not less, to overcome the party politics 20 March 2017 David Thornton
As a remainer..... 19 March 2017 Dr Nick Maurice
Remainers 15 March 2017 David Sherratt
Open Britain day of action in Marlborough 13 March 2017 Sam Page
Not so 'Tory-safe' 08 March 2017 David Chandler
Why has Marlborough been left off Wiltshire Council's plans? 05 March 2017 Sylvia Card
Smoothing out the Toilet floor 24 February 2017 Marian Hannaford-Dobson
Justin Cook decides not to stand in Wiltshire Council elections - or for Marlborough Town Council 20 February 2017 Justin Cook
Why they are binning the Housing Survey - another point of view 08 February 2017 David Thornton
Support the Housing Survey 31 January 2017 David Chandler
Why the Housing Survey is important 30 January 2017 Susanne Harris
Why they are binning the Housing Survey 23 January 2017 David Thornton
Jazz Epilogue 04 January 2017 Peter Morgan
'Village Green' application for Barton Park - The Privileged Few 07 December 2016 Susan Gray
Silverless Street IS two-way 20 November 2016 Robert Warner
Claire Perry on Trump 15 November 2016 Gerald Payne
Froxfield War Memorial Hall - thank you 15 November 2016 Marilyn Mason
Children's play spaces 09 November 2016 Ian Mellor
Silverless Street: Clarifications needed please! 03 November 2016 Roger Mallett
Trucks on Narrow streets in Marlborough 31 October 2016 Ian Mellor
Marlborough - an expensive place to visit.....! 23 September 2016 M Hayter
An answer to air pollution 20 September 2016 Brian Utton and Judy Hindley
What is the point of our Councillors? 14 September 2016 Sylvia Card
Confusion over Road Closure Order for Jazz Festival 25 July 2016 Maralyn Pattison
Jazz Festival - Public Bandstand 23 July 2016 Paul Collis
The retailers, the Jazz Festival and the future 22 July 2016 Bob Holman & others
Wiltshire Council shows contempt for International Musicians and the people of Marlborough 18 July 2016 Dr Sam Page
Jazz Festival Muted 18 July 2016 Peter Turvey
Concerns over Wiltshire Council's contracts for home care services 13 July 2016 Jan Thornton
Jazz Fest Street Closure 07 July 2016 Val Compton
Adrian Mieras 07 July 2016 Jill Morgan
The Referendum 28 June 2016 Nick Maurice
The Donald Trump effect comes to the UK 24 June 2016 Alexander Kirk-Wilson
The Referendum: voting facts and fictions in the EU 22 June 2016 Sylvia Card
Referendum: Please vote, and all of us keep perspective 21 June 2016 Sue Knowles
Referendum: A stark reality & a simple choice to make, Dictatorship or Democracy 17 June 2016 Roger Mallett
Why are so many of us considering voting for the very radical change of leaving the EU? 17 June 2016 Dr Emma Dawnay
Referendum: The heart will dominate the head 16 June 2016 Dr Nick Maurice
Referendum: Will the older generation be letting down the young by voting for Brexit? 15 June 2016 David Sherratt
Referendum: Will the voters actually be answering a very different question? 15 June 2016 Alexander Kirk-Wilson
Are the older generation right to jeopardise their children's future over Brexit? 14 June 2016 Dr Sam Page
Inconsiderate parking in the High Street 12 June 2016 Theresa Harris
The referendum campaign and party politics 03 June 2016 Sylvia Card
With thanks to Dr Nick 01 June 2016 Jo Carroll
George Lane toilets closure - hardly comfort for our visitors 01 June 2016 Margaret Chater
George Lane toilets: where've the theatre funds gone? 31 May 2016 Margaret Gorham
Road closure - Marlborugh Jazz Festival 18 May 2016 Audrey Peck
The new Mayor's plans 17 May 2016 Gerald Payne
Yellow lines....what about the residents? 07 May 2016 Tony Michael
Personal thoughts - wider than double yellow lines - about parking and the future of Marlborough 06 May 2016 Justin Cook
More objections to the yellow lines 05 May 2016 Roger Mallett
At what cost Marlborough’s double yellow lines? 03 May 2016 Peter May
St Peter's school building - a community resource 21 April 2016 Ian Mellor
Silverless Street one way system is a farce 19 April 2016 Roger Mallett
Closure of George Lane Toilets - Town Council should think again 13 April 2016 Ken Culley
Toilets and timescales - why shut the George Lane public toilets? 03 April 2016 Ken Culley
MEXIT 01 April 2016 A concerned Marlborough resident
Response to David Chandler's column 'Nimbyism - past and present" 30 March 2016 Ian Mellor
Another suggestion for marking the Queen's 90th birthday 23 March 2016 Ian and Tina Mellor
Three concerned Marlborough dads are asking: who will support a street party for the Queen’s 90th birthday? 21 March 2016 Three Concerned Marlborough Dads
Commonwealth Day 16 March 2016 Nick Maurice
Marlborough St Mary's Primary School development 10 March 2016 Justin Cook
The Salisbury Road development: A voice not heard 26 February 2016 Sara Daw
Crown Estates Salisbury Road Planning Decision 16 February 2016 Stewart Dobson
Marlborough High Street - Pavements are a disgrace 04 February 2016 Gerald Payne
Savernake Hospital embroidery 23 January 2016 Ann Johnson
Wiltshire Council Bus Service Cuts - RUH Hopper Shame 20 January 2016 Jeff Osborn, Helen Osborn
In reply to Sylvia Card's letter of 16 December 23 December 2015 Councillor Margaret Rose
Taking the "P" out of politics 16 December 2015 Sylvia Card
Parking woes: Marlborough charges go up but the service goes down 09 December 2015 Marcus Winocour
Preshute School - Open Letter from the Governors 08 December 2015 Governors of Preshute School
Wiltshire bus subsidy consultation: Councillor urges people to defend county's bus services 06 December 2015 Terry Chivers
Marlborough's pre-Christmas supermarket collections for the foodbank start this week 30 November 2015 Bill Yates
Chairman of Wiltshire Council's Scrutiny Task Force on Help to Live at Home responds to Marlborough News Online report 26 November 2015 Councillor Gordon King
Destruction of community amenity land 16 November 2015 Peter May
Stop the Tax Credit Cuts 16 November 2015 Sylvia Card
Councillor Stewart Dobson's view of the town council's residential property policy 09 November 2015 Councillor Stewart Dobson
The Town Council is very concerned about the fate of Sure Start 05 November 2015 Marian Hannaford-Dobson
Sign of the times: with no Sure Start centre where will future mothers & their children go? 04 November 2015 Sylvia Card
'Overbuilding in Rural Communities' - copy of an e-mail to Claire Perry MP 04 November 2015 MIchael Porter
New Borough signs - thanks to St John's Students and Town Council 04 November 2015 David Chandler
Revised Crown Estates plans for Salisbury Road are open for comment/objection 30 October 2015 Sara Daw
Readers’ broadband issues 20 October 2015 Matthew Lavis
Closure of Sure Start Children’s Centre in Marlborough 19 October 2015 Sylvia Card
Mop Fair - What a mess to clear up...... 19 October 2015 Pete Davies
Mop Fair - every week please! 14 October 2015 Ken Culley
Scouts’ plea for new volunteer leaders - to keep their troop from closing 07 October 2015 Friday Troop, Second Marlboorugh Scouts
Silverless Street Lorries 01 October 2015 Andrew Boulton
In reply: Immigration and the NHS 28 September 2015 Dr Nick Maurice
The Town Mayor's concert for The Brain Tumour Charity - her letter of thanks 16 September 2015 Councillor Margaret Rose
Car washing in Marlborough 15 September 2015 Mary Spender
The Town Council and its housing 15 September 2015 Rachel Rosedale
The Town Council and its residential properties 08 September 2015 Sylvia Card
Response to Dr Nick Maurice on the subject of migration 06 September 2015 Roger Mallett
Wiltshire Council and Balfour Beatty to part company 05 September 2015 Terry Chivers
Refugees: we used to do it differently - what's changed? 04 September 2015 Name withheld
Lady Jane 31 August 2015 Jeff Osborn
High Street Jazz Closure Request 02 August 2015 David Dudley
Heat in the Scout Hut 30 July 2015 Gillian Clarkson
Inaccuracy 29 July 2015 Nicholas Fogg
Marlborough Jazz Festival: how to make it good for everyone 25 July 2015 Audrey Peck
High Street closure for the Jazz Festival is a must 22 July 2015 Margie Jackson
Bus services to be slashed as Wiltshire Council cuts go deeper 28 June 2015 Terry Chivers
Further to your article on 14th June 2015 The Truth about Councillor Foggs pre- meeting for Councillors on Jazz Festival Road Closures 18 June 2015 Marian Hannaford-Dobson
UK's biggest ever climate change lobby 15 June 2015 Jo Ripley
Development plans for College owned land north of College Fields and Barton Park 10 June 2015 John Clark
Marlborough Jazz Festival gives rise to a ‘hurrah’ and a ‘boo’ 21 May 2015 Audrey Peck
Marlborough roads 07 May 2015 David Prosser
There are many reasons why voters are being taken for granted in this constituency... 06 May 2015 Dr Sam Page
Marlborough traffic - a response to Steve Coppard’s letter 02 May 2015 Peter May
What general election? 30 April 2015 Peter Morgan
In response to Mike Bishop's letter 28 April 2015 ffinlo Costain
Marlborough CCTV 26 April 2015 Roger Mallett
Environment Hustings in Pewsey - a lost opportunity 26 April 2015 Mike Bishop
A plea for some plans to ease Marlborough's traffic problems 24 April 2015 Steve Coppard
In defence of Transition Marlborough’s meeting about fracking 22 April 2015 Jo Ripley
General Election: Pewsey’s environmental hustings is not a Green Party rally 20 April 2015 ffinlo Costain
The Conservative candidate's decision not to attend the environmental hustings 20 April 2015 David Chandler
Reaction to empty chair at Pewsey's enivironmental hustings 19 April 2015 Emma Dawnay
Comment and analysis on the College's proposed housing development north of Barton Park and College Fields 14 April 2015 Ian Mellor
Mayor Marian Hannaford-Dobson replies to Peter May’s letter to her concerning planning matters 14 April 2015 Marian Hannaford-Dobson
Development Plans for Barton Park and College Fields 13 April 2015 Peter May
Arrogant Ms Perry 09 April 2015 Bill Yates
Sheep Fairs Exclusive - a wonderful piece 02 April 2015 Janet Louth
More points on Marlborough's railway - from the 401st user? 19 March 2015 Nick Jackson
Marlborough's Railway - closing lines 09 March 2015 David Chandler
Parcels - Sorting Office an alternative to Post Office? 09 March 2015 Colin Gratton
The drive for profit at Marlborough Medical Practice 07 March 2015 Alexander Kirk Wilson
A railway link for Marlborough - the return ticket 06 March 2015 John Yates
Marlborough's Railway - a response 03 March 2015 David Chandler
David Chandler's Column on the proposed Marlborough railway 02 March 2015 Kathe Ashley
Transition Marlborough reply to David Chandler's Marlborough News Online column 'The Railway in Marlborough' 28 February 2015 John Yates
Let's retire to Marlborough 20 February 2015 Val Compton
The Headteacher of St Peter's School responds to reporting of the recent Ofsted report 17 February 2015 Caroline Spindlow
Shrove Tuesday debate: Will Conservative Wiltshire Councillors vote a U-turn on fire service amalgamation...and on the proposed budget? 16 February 2015 Councillor Jeff Osborn
Why is Wiltshire Council celebrating the Magna Carta anniversary in Salisbury? 16 February 2015 D.M.Colcomb
Visa Debit card ending **6329, purchased a McDonalds Meal at Green Bridge, Swindon on Sat 7 Feb at 16:35 - Is this you? 08 February 2015 (name and address supplied)
Wiltshire's public meetings on their next budget are not helpful for many in this area 30 January 2015 Jan Thornton
Salisbury Road Building Proposals - Invitation to join petition 14 January 2015 Sarah Daw
Every little helps (2) 13 January 2015 Nick Maurice
An open letter from Justin Cook of Arrow Private Hire to Vodafone 13 January 2015 Justin Cook
Every Little Helps...... 05 January 2015 Brian Rayment
Re: Coopers Meadow and all that Jazz………… 31 December 2014 Martin Gibson
Coopers Meadow and all that Jazz………… 29 December 2014 Justin L Cook
The Town Council’s ‘Keep the Sheep’ debate came close to farce 18 December 2014 Gerald Payne
Wiltshire Council's cuts and the scandal of the almighty banks 30 November 2014 Councillor Jeff Osborn
Mayor's heartfelt thanks to all those who helped with the Christmas Lights Switch On 26 November 2014 Marian Hannaford-Dobson
Rotary Christmas Tree 19 November 2014 David Sherratt
Marlborough Town Christmas Tree 19 November 2014 Gerry Hooper
Marlborough Town Christmas Tree - a 'miserable specimen' 17 November 2014 Ken Culley
'Wiltshire blames Waitrose for poor High Street trading' 13 November 2014 Colin Gratton
Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red - a response 09 November 2014 JWF
Crown Estate development - do we really need what is being proposed? 23 October 2014 Sara Daw
Crown Estate development - who would benefit? Not Marlborough 22 October 2014 Ann Johnson
Marlborough railway proposal - a trip to cloud-cuckoo land? 15 October 2014 David Chandler
Is one medical practice in Marlborough enough? Here’s an answer… 10 October 2014 Jonathan Taylor
Thanks to car booters for your support of Air Ambulance Appeal 07 October 2014 Audrey Peck
Independent councillor’s fears over Wiltshire’s adult care services 28 September 2014 Councillor Jeff Osborn
In support of Marlborough Medical Practice 13 September 2014 Janet Louth
So the Marlborough Medical Practice now has a Patient Participation Group... ??? 11 September 2014 Terry Baldwin
Granham Hill development: we need homes for young people in Marlborough 04 September 2014 Gillian Watson
Proposed retirement flats at Granham Hill garage: “Totally inappropriate for this site” 30 August 2014 Anne Crawley
International aid: a reply 28 August 2014 Nick Maurice
Retirement housing? A Marlborough exile explains why he’s in favour 26 August 2014 James Milsom
British humanitarian aid for Iraq: a plea not to spend money on international aid when the money is needed at home 25 August 2014 Roger Mallett
Granham Hill proposal: totally out of order - to be REJECTED out of hand  23 August 2014 Terry Baldwin
Granham Hill development: ‘Marlborough needs housing available to all age groups’ 23 August 2014 Val Compton
Trussel Trust 19 August 2014 Nick Maurice
Wiltshire Councillor warns that "capacity issue" malady follows Council cuts 16 August 2014 Councillor Jeff Osborn
Fire Service changes - your input needed to keep the Service intact 06 August 2014 Councillor Jeff Osborn
Elderly and disabled pushed out of the High Street during the Jazz Festival 20 July 2014 Sam Page
Figgins Lane - clean for one day. Why not every day? 16 July 2014 Gillian Watson
Serious potholes on the A4 15 July 2014 P. G. A. Eyre
I’m astonished village taxi-bus being given a parking ticket in Marlborough High Street 03 July 2014 Councillor Terry Chivers
The fire services merger is “eminently practical and sensible” says UKIP councillor 29 June 2014 Councillor David Pollitt
Wiltshire Council faces strike threat after one per cent staff pay rises 29 June 2014 Councillor Terry Chivers
Wiltshire Council is causing turmoil stepping out of line on its statutory duties 29 June 2014 Tony Molland
From Councillor Margaret Rose - The High Street Clean–Up 28 June 2014 Councillor Margaret Rose
Odd and worrying things are happening to merger plans for Wiltshire and Dorset fire services 24 June 2014 Councillor Jeff Osborn
Champagne for the councillor who creates a Marlborough residents’ parking scheme 08 June 2014 Val Compton
Constructive dialogue is essential to solve the car parking problem at St John’s 04 June 2014 Councillor Richard Allen
Tory councillors accused of being like docile sheep over making complaints 20 May 2014 Jeff Osborn
Wiltshire Council ignores protests to major cuts to its youth services 18 May 2014 Terry Chivers
The flagpole - the answer..... 15 May 2014 Val Compton
Stonebridge Meadow - not previously Webber's Meadow 02 May 2014 Janet Louth
Stonebridge Meadow - The big picture 01 May 2014 Tony Reader
ARK - critics are missing the bigger pitcure 30 April 2014 Val Compton
Proposed Marlborough rail link - will benefit a far wider audience than just Marlborough 27 April 2014 Colin Gratton
"Nice try David Pollitt...": response to UKIP candidate's attack on Claire Perry MP 14 April 2014 Val Compton
Misconceived High Street CCTV system should not be subsidised by public money 09 April 2014 Gerald Payne
Wiltshire council workers are being denied their trade union rights 07 April 2014 Jeff Osborn
No Easter bonnet for Tesco as it fails its “every little helps” promise 04 April 2014 Brian Rayment
Eric Pickles has taken almost four months to call a public inquiry into solar farm project 03 April 2014 Steve Harcourt
Swindon Borough Council states its case for major solar farm project at Wroughton airfield 03 April 2014 Richard Freeman
There is Public Support for CCTV in Marlborough 03 April 2014 David Chandler
Solar Farm at Wroughton will not destroy any fields or farmlands 03 April 2014 Talis Kimberley
A second medical practice would prove popular in Marlborough 02 April 2014 JonathanTaylor
Is top-up funding for CCTV a misuse of public funds? 01 April 2014 Peter Morgan
Wiltshire Council Tax increase 0% for 2014-15 - Marlborough Council Tax increase 15.5% - Spot something odd here? 19 March 2014 David Thornton
Lib-Dems surprisingly ride to the rescue of Wiltshire’s Tory-controlled council 26 February 2014 Jeff Osborn, Independent Wiltshire Councillor
We will have to stump up 15.49% more tax to pay for the Town Council's absurd CCTV project 17 February 2014 David Thornton
We have been proactive over fuel poverty 12 February 2014 Councillor Toby Sturgis, portfolio holder for strategic planning, development management, strategic housing, property and waste
Our thanks for saving the treasured White Horse bookshop 09 February 2014 Colin and Mari Gratton
The voters won’t forget Wiltshire Council’s increase in councillors’ allowances 05 February 2014 Terry Chivers
Marlborough used to face flooding every three years in the past 03 February 2014 David Chandler
Jane Scott’s decision to give up her council allowances raises even more questions 03 February 2014 Terry Chivers
Response to Harry Forbes letter 23 January 2014 Nigel Kerton
A difference of opinon doesn't need to be a personal attack 23 January 2014 Joy Kerton
The majority of the public support the joint efforts of ARK and Marlborough town council 22 January 2014 Harry Forbes
Open letter to Marlborough Town Council regarding the ignored state of parts of the town 21 January 2014 Nigel Kerton
More and more Tories having second thoughts about the rise in Wiltshire council allowances 21 January 2014 Terry Chivers
I watched the death throes of Apartheid and have Mandela’s autograph to treasure 12 December 2013 Cyril Mannion
Parking and road closures - a traders' perspective 12 December 2013 Paul Collis
Not another retirement home site, please! 06 December 2013 Val Compton
Tories desperately trying to justify huge allowance rises for Wiltshire councillors 01 December 2013 Terry Chivers
Our Rabley Wood recreation playground is used every day of the year 20 November 2013 Angela Fry
Rabley Wood offer of a country park is a white elephant fraught with problems 19 November 2013 Mr and Mrs David Baker
Greedy out of touch Conservative politicians are feathering their own nest 18 November 2013 Jeff Osborn
Views sought by the CQC on services provided at the Royal United Hospital (RUH) in Bath 13 November 2013 Healthwatch Wltshire
Supermarkets can well afford a levy to reduce the cost of car parking in Wiltshire 13 November 2013 Jeff Osborn
Will we have to stump up 18% more tax to pay for the Town Council's absurd CCTV project ? 06 November 2013 David Thornton
A Living Wage for Council and supplier employees 01 November 2013 Terry Chivers
Support a levy on Wiltshire's large supermarkets to help the High Streets and smaller independents 20 October 2013 Terry Chivers
They used to keep the precious Mayoral Chain locked up in a safe 18 October 2013 David Chandler
Thank you MNO for your fair and informative reporting 07 October 2013 Jeff Osborn
Stop moaning about the Mop 03 October 2013 Doreen Davis
Dr Hazlewood replies to Les Webster's letter of 17th September 02 October 2013 Dr P K Hazlewood
Your reports on Councillor Marian Hannaford-Dobson are accurate 27 September 2013 Val Compton
It’s nonsense that the public should pay for CCTV 27 September 2013 John Kehoe
A statement from Councillor Hannaford-Dobson regarding the story 'Future mayor raises hackles by suggesting electorate 'don't understand' enough to vote at Area Board' 26 September 2013 Councillor Marian Hannaford-Dobson
Confusing computer signals causing concern 26 September 2013 Gillian Watson
A question on pornography that needs to be answered 17 September 2013 Les Webster
Marlborough "Nightmare" Traffic 16 September 2013 Gerald Payne
CCTV - why is this still being debated? 14 August 2013 Gerald Payne
Yet another half-hearted attempt at roadworks 05 August 2013 Alec Stevens
Wonderful Jazz Festival, but did the A4 need to be closed? 23 July 2013 Audrey Peck
Back-pedalling on cycle racks bodes well for future initiatives 26 June 2013 Alison Hodgkinson
Gambians denied visas - Chinese given visas 20 June 2013 Dr Nick Maurice
Memories of Beckhampton 12 June 2013 Paul Mathieu
Councillors should show more concern for cyclists 28 May 2013 Matt Fisher
The apathy of the voters should be the major concern of Wiltshire Tories 07 May 2013 David Thornton
Election consequences 04 May 2013 David Sherratt
Wiltshire’s electoral officer’s abdication of his responsibilities is staggering 01 May 2013 David Thornton
Conservative election candidates should be disqualified 30 April 2013 Patricia Cavill
Wiltshire Council elections - Misleading conservative advertising? - latest circular 27 April 2013 David Thornton
Marlborough Elections - Misleading advertising by the Conservatives? 23 April 2013 David Thornton
In support of Nick Fogg 10 April 2013 Kathy Hamilton
Apple tree planting protest gives me the real pip 22 March 2013 Val Compton
In response to Nick Jackson's letter regarding the flying of the Papal flag 21 March 2013 Jo Chandler
Protest at the flying of the Papal Flag 18 March 2013 Nick Jackson
The Opposite View on Caffe Nero 06 March 2013 Bob Burns
Why still no help for residents’ parking from “where everybody matters” Wiltshire Council? 31 January 2013 Val Compton
CCTV for Marlborough is a 'no brainer' 11 December 2012 Bob Burns
Plea to Councillor Nick Fogg: Please support CCTV for Marlborough 10 December 2012 Cllr. Noel Barrett-Morton
Claire Perry accused of remaining silent on Chancellor’s mini-budget 08 December 2012 Councillor Peggy Dow
Stop playing lip service to the need for CCTV 20 November 2012 Councillor Marian Hannaford-Dobson
Concern regarding ARK's proposals for Marlborough's river meadows 18 November 2012 Tony Reader
Congratulations to all for Rememberance Sunday 13 November 2012 David Chandler
Is the Town Council on the Side of Ordinary People? 23 August 2012 Bob Burns
Uneasy about CCTV in Marlborough 16 August 2012 Gerald Payne
Caffe Nero - we should be welcoming them 24 July 2012 Kevin Copp
Caffe Nero - Where were the businesses queueing up for this site? 22 July 2012 Bob Burns
Thank you Councillor Gamble for defeating the Caffe Nero planners 22 July 2012 Val Compton
Banking Double Standards 05 July 2012 Gerald Payne
Claire Perry’s positive views on Australia challenged by a now former resident 30 June 2012 John Davison
Why does Mrs Perry continue to back Osborne’s ruinous austerity programme? 19 June 2012 Norman Campbell
In support of the Neighbourhood Nursing Teams 17 June 2012 Val Compton
We need your answers on so many vital questions Claire Perry 16 June 2012 Peggy Dow
Keeping that link between the two Marlboroughs 12 June 2012 Debbie Pepler
The move from NHS Direct to 111 – the immediate and long-term costs 11 June 2012 John Dale
Congratulations to Marlborough News Online’s splendid initiative 01 May 2012 Mike Whalley
Mrs Perry and rural fuel prices 27 April 2012 Gerald Payne
Donate books and bikes for Africa with jole rider 17 April 2012 Helen King and and David Swettenham - jole rider
Caffé Nero builders were busy while Dash was still trading 13 April 2012 H Mercer
Parking in The Knapp. Great Bedwyn 11 April 2012 Philip Blunt
Happy birthday greetings – to one year old Marlborough News Online 05 April 2012 Val Compton
The whole of the town council approved the town hall revamp in principle 31 March 2012 Councillor Nick Fogg
Chamber of Commerce's welcome support for the Town Hall scheme 29 March 2012 David Chandler
Marlborough Town Hall revamp - Outrage! 29 March 2012 Gerald Payne
Our MP Claire Perry does not live in the same world as the rest of us 15 March 2012 Councillor Peggy Dow
My concern over the Savernake minor injuries unit closure decision 09 March 2012 Val Compton
Crown Estate needs to build intelligent mix of high quality houses 07 March 2012 Councillor Rich Pitts
The Crown Estate project for Marlborough is most welcome 22 February 2012 Peggy Dow
Crown Estate housing project -- and new hotel -- for Marlborough 20 February 2012 Joan Davies
My Ivy House evidence comes from on the spot knowledge 10 February 2012 Bob Burns
Marlborough College ignored the needs of the town 09 February 2012 Marlborough College ignored the needs of the town
Dental Surgery’s tender documents were not ignored by PCT 08 February 2012 Tony Barron, NHS Wiltshire chairman
Ivy House Hotel & Marlborough College 07 February 2012 Bob Burns
DLA to PIP 06 February 2012 Sue Buxton
CCTV in Marlborough 02 February 2012 Gerald Payne
Your news coverage 06 January 2012 Peter Morgan
Happy New Year......... 28 December 2011 Val Compton
A warm thank you from charity for funding raised at community choir concert 13 December 2011 Sara Holden
It is certainly a case of the curious Conservative councillors 11 December 2011 David Chandler
Marlborough town hall revamp proposals are inspired 08 December 2011 David Chandler
Why we are against town hall revamp 07 December 2011 Andrew Unwin
Do show your Marlborough concern Andrew by publishing your names 07 December 2011 Val Compton
Financing the Marlborough Town Hall development 05 December 2011 Christopher Joseph
Town Hall proposals represent a positive investment 05 December 2011 Sara Holden
There is no alternative to Marlborough College buying the Ivy House Hotel 04 December 2011 Bob Burns
£1 million for the Town Hall but no Tourist Information Centre 30 November 2011 Andrew Unwin
Town Hall development plans and consultation 30 November 2011 Christopher Joseph
Response to interview with Jeff James, former CEO of two Wiltshire PCTs 28 November 2011 Val Compton
Thanks for a Successful Fashion Show from Viyella/CVC 01 November 2011 Bridget & team at Viyella/CC
What happened to local decision making with the Ivy House Hotel sale 21 October 2011 David Dudley
Local Action, Global Impact 05 September 2011 Benn Carr
Alarm at traders' lack of response 31 August 2011 Val Compton
Residents protest over Marlborough Rugby Club parking proposals 11 August 2011 Max Brockman-More
NHS Wiltshire replies regarding Clover Unit 08 July 2011 Sarah MacLennan, Head of Communications NHS Wiltshire
Do please be more objective, pleads MNO reader 03 July 2011 Andrew Unwin
Praise for councillors over tourism initiative 01 July 2011 Rob Chiodi
NHS Swindon replies to Val Compton on Minor Injuries Unit 29 June 2011 Kirsty Brain Head of Communications NHS Swindon
Val Compton on the future of the Minor Injuries Unit 27 June 2011 Val Compton
Peter Deck of Pewsey Patients Participation Group responds to Nick Maurice 17 June 2011 Peter Deck
Dr. Nick Maurice responds to Elinor Goodman 14 June 2011 Dr Nick Maurice
A response to Dr Maurice’s letter on a health and well-being summit for the Marlborough area 11 June 2011 Elinor Goodman
Call for major debate on Marlborough's health future 26 May 2011 Dr Nick Maurice
Welcome to Marlborough News Online 22 May 2011 Val Compton
Welcome to Marlborough News Online 1 21 May 2011 Councillor Andrew Ross