Is the Town Council on the Side of Ordinary People?

Written by Bob Burns on .


I see that once again this local Council of ours is attempting to scupper or delay more commonsense proposals and I briefly mention just three:
Recently they objected to the arrival of Caffe Nero despite the fact that the cafe is providing good jobs and a service that many people, including visitors, are pleased with.    
Secondly, they have objected en masse to the proposed erection of a puffin crossing in Bridewell Street despite the obvious safety issues over many years faced by pupils, staff and visitors crossing busy Bridewell Street without the assistance of a crossing.  
And now, there seems to be some objection to the obvious benefit of four CCTV state-of-the-art cameras in the town, citing the need for further discussion and I believe the Mayor herself has called for a ‘big debate’ because of ‘emotional’ issues.   I suspect ‘kicking’ and ‘long grass’ might be looming, despite strong support for the scheme from the Police on our behalf and the wishes of the Chamber of Commerce.     


Bob Burns