Crown Estate needs to build intelligent mix of high quality houses

Written by Councillor Rich Pitts on .


The Planning Committee meeting this week, as you have reported,  highlighted the absolute need for the town council to stand fast on the need to provide an intelligent mix of houses with the very highest build quality and, if possible, carbon neutral as Councillor Loosmore wanted.

If, as Councillor Marion Hannaford-Dobson warned “The Crown Estate are building for a profit.", that is fine.  But this should NOT be at the expense of the people and community of Marlborough.

So, for example, water is at a premium already, therefore ALL new houses should be the most water-saving conscious that can be built.

Houses built by the Crown Estate with FULL social and environmental considerations taken into account, can, I believe, be constructed at a fair profit and with the backing if not all certainly the majority.

Councillor Rich Pitts
Marlborough Town Council