Stop playing lip service to the need for CCTV

Written by Councillor Marian Hannaford-Dobson on .


In one of your  recent reports on the introduction of CCTV, Councillor Nick Fogg suggested that Marlborough Town Council have been waiting for two years for a report on the CCTV question.  

He has obviously got his wires crossed again, the CCTV sub group was only appointed on May 21, 2012.  Two of the committee made a presentation to the full council meeting on August 13, 2012, which also included a written report to back up the presentation.  

We then put forward the motion to agree in principle CCTV for the town -- not, you understand, to agree any set scheme but rather to agree to get money included in the budget so that it could be used when an agreed appropriate scheme was identified.  

Instead of rubbishing the report Councillor Fogg should have explained to residents that if the council had agreed in principle that the town needed CCTV, the funds would have been allotted to next year’s town council budget, which is set every November.

But by calling for another report this will cause yet another delay until the November 2013 budget is set and those funds, will not available to use until April 2014.  

Why do Councillor Fogg and his colleagues profess to support CCTV yet collectively vote against the motion knowing of this delay?  

It is not as if it is a new subject.  After all the town council have been debating and procrastinating over CCTV for at least 11 years, and each time a further report is called for.  Kicked into the long grass yet again comes to mind.   

Further more, I would ask Councillors Fogg and Peggy Dow why they will not ask for the ten thousand pounds Marlborough Area Board money that has not been used this year and is clearly available for CCTV for our town if our two Wiltshire unitary councillors would only take the initiative.  This could pay over half the initial cost.

I have spoken to most of the traders in the town who all agree that CCTV it is long overdue and that pilfering from their shops has gone on long enough.  One young taxi driver actually came and explained to the council meeting that it was extremely frightening to be around the town after the clubs and pubs had turned out with dangerous, drunken behaviour resulting in innocent young people being targeted. He felt sure if this continues then serious injuries could be the result.    

Only five of your councillors voted to put funds in the budget for CCTV  -- it was a named vote so any interested resident can view it on the web site.  

Eleven years discussing CCTV is disgraceful even by Marlborough town council standards.  So fellow councillors do the decent thing stop paying lip service to CCTV and put the money in the budget now so that there is at least a hope of Marlborough joining the towns that surround it and enjoying the same safety and security from CCTV that they do.  



Councillor Marian Hannaford-Dobson