Claire Perry accused of remaining silent on Chancellor’s mini-budget

Written by Councillor Peggy Dow on .


It has become blatantly obvious from all the media coverage of George Osborne’s so-called mini-budget that it is all those who can least afford it who are going to suffer most while those at the top of financial tree are to receive a significant tax cut.

Fairness has long gone out of the window as the government tries to claim we are all in it together and then manipulates the complex figures to claim they are not adding to our debt mountain and signs of growth are virtually non-existent.

While all this is happening, we have yet to hear a word from our banker MP Claire Perry, who was promoted to be the Tory candidate for Devizes after working for the Chancellor and who is forever crowing that his policy is working brilliantly.

What a joke.

It is those who are working who will suffer from tax credit changes and it is the young kids leaving school who have no jobs to go to I am concerned about as the Chancellor insists on making even more people unemployed.

I protested once before to Mrs Perry about the coalition’s policies hitting those who can least afford it, in too many cases hitting those at work, not the shirkers.

That still remains the shocking case when the proposed one per cent rise in benefits hardly covers rising inflation with the cost of food set to rise rapidly and heating bills hitting a new high as the winter freeze arrives.

We have a right to know our MPs views on the subject but, when the going gets tough, you will find her on her bicycle riding over the horizon and out of reach.

She may remain silent on the great issues of the day but no doubt the voters will show their contempt the next time round.


Councillor Peggy Dow,