Plea to Councillor Nick Fogg: Please support CCTV for Marlborough

Written by Cllr. Noel Barrett-Morton on .


In his letter in last week’s Gazette & Herald paper Cllr.Fogg once again chose to rubbish and insult those of us who have been working hard to achieve an affordable CCTV system for Marlborough.  He seems unwilling or unable to grasp that our report was made with the following simple objectives;

•    To get the Town Council to agree in principle support for a CCTV system in the town.
•    To include an initial sum of £20,000 in next year’s budget for a scheme.
•    To get the support of Cllrs.Fogg and Dow in applying for a substantial grant from the Area Board they represent us on.
It was critical that these three basic objectives were met before proceeding with the details that Cllr. Fogg thinks were omitted from our report.  Obviously like Cllr.Fogg we have access to a computer and are well aware of Data Protection and Home Office Regulations for any scheme but we do not believe that those details are required before agreeing in principle to providing CCTV.  They would of course apply to any scheme regardless of cost. We had already established with the Police that only certain systems would achieve Home Office approval.

Cllr.Fogg states that our report did not give details of how we had arrived at our projected budget.  Unfortunately although we had arranged for a specialist supplier to address the council on details and costs of a suitable scheme, Cllr.Mrs Fogg the Mayor refused to allow this presentation on the grounds that it was too commercial.

Time is running out to put a provisional sum in the Town Council budget, and even more importantly for Cllrs.Fogg and Dow to apply for an Area Board Grant.  Please Cllr.Fogg stop coming up with obstacles. Come off the fence, support CCTV, apply for the grant and leave the details of a suitable scheme to be discussed and agreed before we go out to tender.



Cllr. Noel Barrett-Morton