Why still no help for residents’ parking from “where everybody matters” Wiltshire Council?

Written by Val Compton on .


The news that the Kennet Place car park season ticket price has been reduced from £1,123 to £394 will be welcomed by business people in town and those residents that can afford to pay.

I have been trying for many years to bring the need for a residents' parking scheme to Wiltshire council’s attention.  At the cost of £50--£100 per annum, a price mentioned by a Wiltshire officer, this would give residents on the lower end of the income scale the opportunity -- but not the right -- to park within walking distance of their homes.

I've tried over years to comply with the rules and regulations, waited for "about to be done" surveys or reports, been fobbed off with various excuses and basically expended a huge amount of time and effort for nothing.  If I look at Hungerford just 10 miles from here, who are governed by West Berkshire Council, we see a very different picture.

It's so breathtakingly simple, sensible and low cost -- if the will is there. Clearly, the will is not there with Wiltshire Council – motto 'Where everybody matters'.

And neither does is seem to be an attractive project for any councillors. But I bet it will appear on manifestos once again in the not too distant future.



Val Compton