The Opposite View on Caffe Nero

Written by Bob Burns on .



I am one of the many people who are pleased that Caffe Nero won their Appeal to continue trading in Marlborough despite opposition from Councillors and others. 

Does anyone honestly believe that the clothing firm Dash by itself offered more to Marlborough than Caffe Nero?    Surely we have enough clothing shops in Marlborough for any High Street market town and as I asked in my letter to Marlborough News Online on 12 August last year, which businesses were queueing up to take on the Dash premises?  In the absence of any reply, I presume there were none.
I do not defend the practice of a firm moving into premises without the appropriate planning permission, but the often intemperate opposition to Caffe Nero, sometimes bordering on the offensive, did nothing for Marlborough’s reputation for tolerance towards national firms wishing to secure a presence here.   

Yours truly

Bob Burns