Protest at the flying of the Papal Flag

Written by Nick Jackson on .


I write in protest at the situation referred to in your article of March 14th regarding the hoisting of the papal flag over Marlborough Town hall, in this Protestant town, in this Protestant country.

It would appear from your article that the flag was raised entirely on the personal whim of the mayor, without consultation, and with a breathtakingly contemptuous and arrogant disregard for the feelings and opinions of the majority of persons within the town who emphatically do not share the religious prejudices of her minority sect.

As for Mr David Sherratt, "Marlborough's Ceremonial Officer", I note that he had the flag made - and at whose cost one wonders- to mark the death of a previous pope.  Was he authorized to do that, and if so by whom, and on what authority did he raise the flag on this occasion?  Or does he take his orders directly from the mayor and not have to bother himself with any personal responsibility?

He says he wonders: "what might result this time" from his actions; he need no longer be in suspense as to local feeling about him.

It does seem regretful that the mayor, whose period in office has to the outside world been singularly unmarked by signs of frenetic activity, should choose to waste her time on such a controversial and disgraceful event.  It occurs to me that if she and her husband, himself a recent mayor, had used half the amount of time that they spent strutting around covered in chains actually doing something useful, applying a screwdriver and spanner to the town hall toilets perhaps, the town would have had something advantageous to show for it.


Nick Jackson