Apple tree planting protest gives me the real pip

Written by Val Compton on .


What a rude and aggressive letter from Nick Jackson, following on from his unseemly shouting match on The Green at the recent apple tree planting.

Clearly this man knows absolutely nothing about what has been going on behind the scenes in Marlborough, has attended few if any events and probably no meetings.  Perhaps, on reflection, that is a blessing.

Thankfully there are few people in Marlborough who sink to quite such depths.  To Edwina Fogg, our indefatigable Mayor in one of the busiest ever years I can remember, I would only advise to completely ignore those who cannot keep even a veneer of civility.

His accusations were clearly calculated to be as hurtful as possible and I would suggest that he is speaking in complete ignorance of any facts.

As to the papal flag – well I’m not even Christian, but follow world events such as this with interest.  Why should we not be a totally inclusive town and fly the flag for those of our residents who are Catholic and to whom this was a really important event?  

The new Pope will have great influence over huge communities in the world and from his very refreshing beginning, where he is clearly in tune with the poor and the ordinary people, I think we can hope for great things.



Val Compton