Congratulations to Marlborough News Online’s splendid initiative

Written by Mike Whalley on .

Dear Gerald Isaaman,

I hope you don't mind my contacting you but, having looked through your online Marlborough News edition, I wanted to congratulate you and your fellow journalists on your initiative.

I'm a retired journalist myself, and, like you, bemoan the contraction of local newspapers; indeed, the term 'local' is becoming more of a misnoma as each year passes.

I think you have hit on a splendid idea, one that could certainly catch on as more and more communities become disillusioned with their local news coverage.

I live in Morecambe where, fortunately, the Morecambe Visitor, the newspaper I edited, is still published every week. The woefully small team of journalists are battling valiantly to provide a decent news service but are swimming against an increasingly strong tide - the omens for a newspaper founded in 1874 are worrying.

Enough of me....just wanted to congratulate all concerned for a job superbly well done.


Mike Whalley