In support of Nick Fogg

Written by Kathy Hamilton on .


I have known Nick Fogg since I was a student in the Sixth Form of the Stratford-upon-Avon Grammar School for Girls.  He was civic minded even then and quite smart.  

Like many other people, I occasionally wonder what happened to someone and I did a search on Nick.  It seems he has not changed.  He obviously loves his home of Marlborough and has spent many of his years there promoting it and the surrounding area as a desirable place to live as well as a tourist destination.  

The Marlborough Jazz Festival has ceertainly made a positive impact on the town.  The association with other Marlboroughs throughout the world has let the world know you.  The literary Festival obviously promotes one of the talents for which England is known—writing.  

He is an asset to your community, loves his home and would work to promote all things positive for it.  If I had such a person seeking public office where I live, my vote would be given gladly to him.


Kathy Hamilton
South Carolina