The whole of the town council approved the town hall revamp in principle

Written by Councillor Nick Fogg on .


I am always delighted to feature in your splendid website.  May I add a little to your piece about the Town Hall project?

In fact the project to undertake a major refurbishment, when first presented, was endorsed in principle by the entire council, with the proviso that the people of Marlborough should be consulted.

Since then, no specific proposal has been put to the Town Council.  What would be the point of that before the agreed consultation?

As was necessary, various means of financing such a project have been mooted by the Chairman of Finance. One of these possibilities was to take a loan out for the money.

As far as I am aware, no negotiation has taken place with the relevant funding authority.  It may well be that, in the current climate, such a loan might not be feasible anyway.

 As a result of the consultation a positive consensus has emerged that thoroughly endorses another of the proposals that favours a steady programme of improvement within agreed budgets and bearing in mind the advice of the conservation officer.

There are clear priorities. The one that is most favoured is the reopening of the Town Hall toilets.  I thoroughly endorse this, but people should be aware that Marlborough Town Council was offered these toilets some four years ago, but turned the offer down on the grounds of the cost of the refurbishment.

I thought at the time that this was a mistake, but it's good that the people have chosen now to reverse that decision.

Other areas of priority are clearly the kitchen and bar areas of the Assembly Room.  To improve these when opportune would clearly enhance greatly the facilities available at the Town Hall.

 To me the encouraging thing to come out of the consultation is that the people of Marlborough do not share the culture of negativity that pervaded the Town Council for years.  It is clearly recognised that the Town Hall is a great community asset.

Without it, the wealth and well-being of Marlborough would be severely diminished.


Councillor Nick Fogg
Marlborough Town Council