Conservative election candidates should be disqualified

Written by Patricia Cavill on .


I have read the letters from David Thornton on your website and, although I agree that the Marlborough council tax precept has risen, it was needed as in past years it was insufficient to cover any emergency funding that was needed .

My point is that if we look at just the Wiltshire element in the council tax demand we see that for the past three years it has not risen, but it rose in the years  2009 to 2010 and 2010 to 2011.

So that the strap line on Conservative election literature which claims 'no increase in council tax for five years' is incorrect.  They are guilty of misrepresenting the facts.  If they had said no increase in the Wiltshire county element in three years that would have been OK.

Should the Returning Officer disqualify all the Wiltshire-wide Conservative candidates? I think so.



Patricia M Cavill