Chamber of Commerce's welcome support for the Town Hall scheme

Written by David Chandler on .


I was very pleased to hear that The Chamber of Commerce are supporting the Town Council in some of the refurbishment proposals for the Town Hall.  I would suggest they might be more representative of the views of the town than the meeting of about 100 residents on Monday.  While just 11% responded to the survey sent out by the Council (some of who supported the proposals) the 54 who were opposed at the consultation meeting represent less than 1% of the town.

The best body to make the decisions are the Town Council who have been elected by half of the voters of the town at the last election.

Maybe the final decisions on the Town Hall could be delayed until after next year’s Town Council elections when all the candidates can be questioned on their views.

In the meantime more account should be taken of the views of the majority of councillors who support some sort of scheme rather than a strident minority who continue to be entirely negative in their views and campaigning.

Yours faithfully

David Chandler
Former Marlborough town councillor and Mayor