Our MP Claire Perry does not live in the same world as the rest of us

Written by Councillor Peggy Dow on .


I have sent the letter below to Claire Perry MP.  I am looking forward to her reply:

Dear Claire Perry,

I have read your comments you made on Sky News yesterday thanks to reports published by Marlborough News on line.  I am astounded by your audacity in the belief that the new universal credit tax system will do no harm to your constituents and your confidence in claiming that you would not be an MP if you thought that that the government’s actions were in any way unfair.

I am not sure that we live in the same world when you infer that you have no fears of harm coming to anyone because the average wage in your constituency is £25,000.

That is a figure most young families only dream of earning here in Marlborough and in Devizes too.  However, then I realise you are a banker and know how to use figures in a way that hides the hidden poverty that is being exposed in this country.

The new tax imposition means that single mothers can lose up to £68 a week, enough to feed them all, for the sake that you want them to work harder when there is no work out there, the latest unemployment figures providing the real evidence.

I have been making  inquiries at  Marlborough College where there are 66 women who work 16 hours a week as cleaners an another 20 who work 20 hours a week and, apparently, no additional work available for them.  

They are going to be devastated by the blind spot of the charity Save The Children.

Why else should a whole army of women’s groups who represent thousands in the country be campaigning against these changes in the welfare system? They are in the front line and know the unwelcome truth.

No doubt some families will benefit  by the new system and it is right that work, if you can find it ,is far better than living on welfare, both for those with husbands / partners or without.

However you obviously prefer to turn  your own blind eye to what is actually happening locally.

Meanwhile, I look forward to your reply and the results of any investigation you may make  as to Marlborough College and any other institution locally that offers part-time employment.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Peggy Dow