Written by Sue Buxton on .

I was interested to read your recent article, 27.1.12, "Disability Living Allowance, a Personal View".  It seems to me to make perfect sense that before the current DLA is scrapped in favour of PIP (Personal Independence Payment), there should be some initial piloting to make sure that there are no disastrous consequences for the people that these allowances are designed to help. 

Sadly, it would seem that this Government is hell-bent on pushing through huge reforms, affecting us all, but particularly, the sick and most vulnerable members of our society, and this despite the fact that most professionals, working in Health and Social Care are against them! 
However, there is one institution, where the Government is allowing six years for reforms to take place - Banking!  After all the Banks haven't been responsible for wasting lots of Public Money, have they? 
Yours faithfully

Sue Buxton