Marlborough town hall revamp proposals are inspired

Written by David Chandler on .


I thought the consultation exercise on the Marlborough Town Hall by the Town Council was excellent and our Town Council are to be commended for thinking and planning for the future.

Some of the proposals are inspired, some over ambitious and some very inappropriate. To have a referendum on such a variety of proposals would be not be the correct procedure.

The anonymous group calling themselves “Marlborough Concerned Citizens” are not only hiding behind anonymity but are also self appointed. They need to be reminded that these proposals are made by our elected representatives who are asking the opinions of the people of Marlborough.

I think the way forward is to break the proposals down into stages and more detailed costings.

Thus :

  1. Inspired proposals such as the partly self funding moving of the offices to a mezzanine floor. This includes the creation of a reception area in front of the Court Room.
  2. Over ambitious proposals of the new lift and opening up attic and basement space.
  3. Inappropriate proposals such as swapping the ladies toilet and the bar round to no obvious benefit and making some of the expensively installed gents toilet into storage space

Breaking the proposals down into stages would enable the project to be considered one step at a time. There are bound to be problems and it would be better to gain the benefit of experience from early stages than to plough ahead on a very expensive project.

David Chandler
Former Marlborough town councillor and Mayor