Town Hall proposals represent a positive investment

Written by Sara Holden on .


I couldn’t agree more with your article about the mystery man.  I was amazed to find the provocative (one could almost say inflammatory) circular drop through my door last week “signed” by MARLBOROUGH CONCERNED CITIZENS.  No name, address or contact details of any kind.  Clearly a local version of “disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.”
This development is a major undertaking and of course it is right that full discussion should take place.  I found the consultation exhibition interesting and informative and was happy to take the explanatory brochure away for closer inspection.
On balance, I am in favour of the development for these reasons:

We need to invest in our town and not be paralysed by fear of spending a moderate revenue cost.
I hope not to be bombarded with an aggressive counterattack but I will take the chance and sign my name to this letter.
Sara Holden