£1 million for the Town Hall but no Tourist Information Centre

Written by Andrew Unwin on .

Dear Sirs

I read with interest your article of 29.11.2011 which reported that the plans for a fully fledged Tourist Information Centre have finally been abandoned by the Town Council.  I had hoped, as one of the more important matters which would indeed be of great benefit to the Town, and potentially extremely cost-effective, that this would have figured as a top priority within the Town Hall refurbishment proposals - but no! 

The proponents of the Town Hall scheme seem more intent on creating a few multi-purpose rooms (without any designated purposes) and a Mayor's parlour than on helping to revitalise a High Street with all the concomitant economic benefits to the life and welfare of our Town.

Surely if they are able to raise £1 million, enough could be found to start up a proper TIC.

Yours perplexedly

Andrew Unwin