Do please be more objective, pleads MNO reader

Written by Andrew Unwin on .

Dear Sirs

Is it just me or do others share my feeling that your august new organ appears overly oriented towards promoting and supporting the existing order in both Marlborough and the wider political environment in Wiltshire?

Hardly a day, and certainly not a week, goes by without some encomium or at least rather sympathetic reference to our Parliamentary Representative, the well connected Claire Perry.

 MNOL also seems to have become a mouthpiece for the more proactive but opaque members of our Town Council, Messrs Pitts, Loosmore and Ross, in their attempts to push through their ambitious spending plans for the Town Hall, despite the considerable rumbles of discontent within the community.

I respect our MP and the council itself with its new mayor, but I should like to see Marlborough News Online adopt a more objective view on local affairs and attempt to be more proactive in reporting fully what is going on in our area. To merely reflect the Establishment view is not helpful to, or appropriate for, the wider community.

Andrew Unwin

Editors’ note:

All viewers of this independent website need to read our 'mission statement', for want of a better title, in the ABOUT US section, which reveals our positive aims and ambitions.

Our experience shows that there is no ‘establishment’ as such in Marlborough, that in order to achieve new objectives for the benefit of the town we need the various organisations and individual elements that exist to co-operate in the face of tough times ahead.

That is about as objective as it gets.