Praise for councillors over tourism initiative

Written by Rob Chiodi on .

Dear Sirs

I would like to thank the Town Council on their decision to find a solution to the lack of a Tourist Information Centre (TIC) in Marlborough. While more work is needed to make it a reality I think the Councillors' desire to find a solution should be commended.

The councillors realize that a TIC is an important part of a thriving town. It is usually the first place a visitor seeks out when wanting to learn about the town and its surroundings. By having enthusiastic local people give visitors guidance the businesses of the town will benefit and in turn the townspeople will too. Thriving trade makes a thriving town.

I used to work in Marlrborough Library and at times was an assistant to the Tourism Officer at the now closed TIC. It was amazing how much information and advice given to visitors ensured that they spent their money in Marlborough.

From accommodation & dining to local walks and camping. Things like where to buy souvenirs, artwork and antiques to where to get a hat and chair because they wanted to find a spot for a picnic in “such a lovely town”.

Tour operators from all over the country would call on advice on attractions and where to park the coach. They could find the information on a website but local knowledge on minor details can be the difference between a coach stopping or just driving through on the way to Avebury, Stonehenge or Salisbury.

TICs are closing all over the Wiltshire and UK and the forward thinking of the Town Council to address the issue now puts us ahead in the race for funding amidst competition from other towns which will be vying for the tourist pound.

Well done to all the councillors!

Rob Chiodi