A response to Dr Maurice’s letter on a health and well-being summit for the Marlborough area

Written by Elinor Goodman on .

11th June 2011

To the Editors

Nick Maurice is right to point to the need to identify the future health needs of the Marlborough area, but there is a danger in summits that you are only talking to like minded people. However the Government is trying to encourage localism, so there is more of an obligation on the health authorities to listen to what local groups say.

Perhaps the starting point should be bringing together members of the various practice patients’ groups to see what they think.  The Burbage, Bedwyn and Ramsbury practices, for example, have recently carried out a patients' satisfaction survey.   We in Bedwyn are very conscious that "health" doesn't just mean being unwell, and are trying to look at wider issues, like isolation and community activities.  It may be these issues can be tackled at a really local level like this.

Elinor Goodman