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Written by Val Compton on .

22nd May 2011

Dear Sir

There is a huge amount that happens in Marlborough through both individual effort and active organisations.  Until now, it hasn't always been easy to have published the "everyday" things that are not necessarily headline grabbers, yet are far more interesting to people who live here and have Marlborough in their hearts.

Wherever I live, I like to be involved and feel as though I belong to the community; yet I know that many people do not share this point of view.  In fact, Marlborough is quite fragmented for much of the time and often a feeling of dissatisfaction prevails. However, during times of crisis, such as the loss of our beloved Minor Injuries Unit, it can unite across all fronts, act together and achieve great things.  I wonder how we get the "crisis glue" to activate during other times.

Maybe Marlborough Online News can assist by keeping people in touch with their town. Reading viewpoints from all angles and learning the truth about what’s happening might help dispel a few myths. Valid information is a powerful tool, it might just act as the glue that Marlborough needs.

Yours faithfully

Val Compton,