Marlborough "Nightmare" Traffic

Written by Gerald Payne on .


After reading the article referring to Marlborough’s traffic “problems” I was reminded of the idea of shared space.  Some here may remember that Hamilton Baillie associates conducted a survey of the road systems of Marlborough villages but not the town itself

When it was suggested to the council that they may want a survey of the town they baulked at the cost yet this same council wishes to spend even more on unnecessary CCTV. I do not know if it is your policy to include links to other sites in letters but I would refer readers to two videos.  One of a scheme in Poynton, which was also plagued by traffic.

The second, of the counter intuitive experiment in Portishead where removing traffic lights led to better and safer traffic flows.

There are many other examples for people who type “shared space” or “equality streets” into their search engine of choice.

If a survey of Marlborough’s road system were conducted along the lines of shared space and if it were conducted by consulting ALL residents from day one by true bottom up democracy rather than plans imposed from above by councils as in our synthetic democracy, we may at last reach a resolution of Marlborough’s traffic nightmare.  Certainly a better use for taxpayers money than CCTV because ALL residents would benefit.


Gerald Payne