Your reports on Councillor Marian Hannaford-Dobson are accurate

Written by Val Compton on .


I attended the Marlborough Area Board meeting on Tuesday, as there were one or two items of interest on the agenda.  I specifically wanted to hear more about the proposed Wiltshire campus proposals and their effect on the town.

Having read Pete Davison’s Area Board reports, then the statement from Marian Hannaford-Dobson, which you have also published, I can say to the best of my knowledge and belief, that the statements attributed to her -- and the content of your reports-- are entirely accurate.

I only have my memory to serve me.  However, I have been approached by other attendees of the meeting who found the utterings of Marlborough’s deputy mayor, as jaw dropping as they found the delaying tactic proposal from her husband, irritating.

I would suggest it is possible that a campus in Marlborough could be perceived as a power threat to some town councillors, but I see it as making Wiltshire decisions more local, accessible and possibly strengthening the voice of the electorate through having a presence here.


Val Compton