A Living Wage for Council and supplier employees

Written by Terry Chivers on .


Since the election of the ConDem government we have seen thousands of jobs in the public sector lost.  As a result of the ConDems forcing cuts in vital local services.

However the government continue to tell us that we now have over 1 million extra jobs in the private sector.  Little comfort, to the hundreds of staff that have lost their jobs at Wiltshire Council.  And very little comfort to the less able that have seen vital services cut to them.  The one that springs to mind is the Help to live at home contract.  A good example, were we have seen cuts to the service, to the less able, and most of the hardworking staff being paid the minimum wage.

Both myself, and Councillor Jeff Osborn at the next Wiltshire Full Council meeting in November, will be calling for the Council to pay the Living Wage of £7.45p per hour rather than the minimum wage, we hope to force those providing services for the Council to have an obligation also to pay the living wage.  We can ensure this during the tendering process.

Yes the government are right when they say they have created jobs in the private sector, but at what cost.  Cuts to vital services, and cuts in pay to those who work now in the private sector and in doing so we see the profits in these companies sore at the expense of the taxpayer and those who rely on these services.


Councillor Terry Chivers
Independent Melksham Without North