Will we have to stump up 18% more tax to pay for the Town Council's absurd CCTV project ?

Written by David Thornton on .


I cannot believe that Marlborough Town Council is still perusing its £30,000 vanity project to install CCTV, while similar systems are being dismantled and found to be without worth, throughout the region – as crime levels continue to fall.

Knowing that the Town Council is due to lose a £31,000 annual Wiltshire Council grant as a result of the Westminster government’s welfare reforms, it will have to make savings.  I am sure Marlborough residents who could face an 18% increase in council tax will think that CCTV cannot be sustained under these or any circumstances.

The money is not in the Council’s budget and will have to come from its reserves.  If it went ahead, we the council tax payers will have to make up the shortfall.

Councillor Nick Fogg is right "CCTV has, at best, a limited validity.  It represents little threat to organised crime and lawyers agree that the chances of securing convictions through its use in evidence are minimal.”

CCTV present in local shops failed to find any evidence of who perpetrated the theft of the mayoral chain.  “Unfortunately this crime is still outstanding despite hours of trawling through CCTV from the premises opposite the town hall,” said Inspector Thompson.  “We do not have any leads as to suspects on this one.”

If Marlborough councillors want to improve on the shockingly low 33% turn out of East Ward voters in the 2013 Council Election, its time for them to show some fiscal responsibility.

They need to tighten their belts as we all have done over the past three years, while they increased their tax collections - and dump the CCTV project.



David Thornton